PCS Rack Works Sliders....

PCS Rack Works brackets and sliders are 100% custom made from mild steel, not stainless. All the hardware is stainless steel and comes with your order. Sliders do not impede with the internal probe sensors on your Recteq unit. Also, the brackets will not impede with removal of drip pan or heat shield for cleaning purposes. For you folks that have the smoke box on your RT-700, the PCS Rack Works sliders will work just the same. Leave the smoke box mounted, and follow the same installation instructions provided in the install video. The hardware will not impede with the rails inside the smoke box either.All it needs is a good seasoning and you'll be good to go! I suggest for everyone, (especially the humid region folks) after installed, spray the brackets and slider(s) liberally with cooking oil, then run the smoker at 350 for 30 minutes. I would also recommend cooking a sheet of bacon (covering the entire shelf) to begin seasoning and get the grease going. If you don't use it all the time, just spray with cooking oil once in a while to keep it seasoned.

  • Mike T.

    Just installed my new shelf on my RT-590! What a great new addition! Thanks Chad!

  • Brent B.

    Another amazing shelf by the legend Chad Peterson. The shorty worked perfectly. Thank you Sir!

  • Pat R.

    Shout out to Chad Peterson for this bad ass upper shelf! He responded quickly to my inquiry and sent me the info. I watched his videos and had a clear understanding of what to do. Great product and I was very happy with his shipping. Thank you sir!